Sunday, September 9, 2012

As summer comes to an end

The days are already getting shorter and the evenings a lot cooler...which makes me sad, since summer is my favorite season.

But don't get me wrong, I love the fact that we have four seasons in Korea. Growing up in Hawaii, we would have summer, summer, late spring, and summer. Those were our seasons.
Things get pretty boring...and no one really pays attention to fashion trends, since all you really need is summer outfits....that you wear all year long.

During the summer in Korea, you may often see a noodle dish called "kong-kuksoo" ("soy bean noodles"). It's a cold dish, but like udon in a soy based soup. To westerners, I bet that sounds/looks really is that soy milk and udon?!? But it's really delish! And very healthy, too.

My mom loves this noodle dish and we had it all the time at home. All year round -- because it's always summer. I guess because of this habit, I also love's probably my favorite noodle dish of all. More than ramen!

If you are ever in Korea during the summer, I would definitely recommend trying it, especially if you like things like tofu.

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