Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bakeries in Korea

We get fresh bread from the bakery every morning at the office -- delivered right to us!

It's first come, first serve, so you have to snatch your pick early or all the good ones will be taken.

Asian bakeries are quite different from those in the states -- there is a lot more variety in bread and a lot less pastries/doughnuts. I don't really care for pastries, so it matches my taste. I'm not into oily stuff. haha

However, I noticed that there is also a difference between Japanese bakeries and Korean bakeries, as well.

1. The quality is higher for Japanese bread. 2. And they're not too sweet. (Koreans tend to like super sweet things like Americans. Japanese like subtle-sweet things.) 3. You have a better variety of non-sweet/food-like breads (like with eggs, veggies, etc. put together).

There are some pizza breads and "food-like" goodies in Korea, but I find that there isn't so much of a variety (except for Tous les Jour, which I would say is the best bakery chain in Korea...not that I'm endorsing, just saying at it is.)

Bread taste and quality, though, has really improved in the last few years for Korea. Only about 4-5 years ago, Korean bread could not even be compared with Japanese bread. Now, it's quite close. I have heard that a lot of Koreans often go to Japan to study cooking/gourmet rather than going all the way to Europe (to cut costs).

Here is a sample of what we get:


Sweet bread and "dorayaki" (pancakes with sweet apple paste sandwiched between. Usually dorayaki has red bean paste in the middle, but this was good, too.)

This one kind of surprised me. It looks like Japanese "Yatsuhashi" which is famous in Kyoto. (Rice cake with bean paste inside) But there's a catch -- the rice cake or "mochi" is chocolate flavored?! So you have bean powder (the ligh brown powder on top), chocolate mochi, and red bean paste inside.
To be honest, it tasted as weird as it sounds.
Sometimes, you think, "sounds weird, but maybe it's be surprisingly good."
Oh well. At least they tried to be creative.
Have a nice day!!

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