Friday, September 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in September?

Next week Sunday is Thanksgiving Day in Korea, called "Chuseok."

People go to their hometowns, cook extravagant delicacies and spend their time at home. I guess it's mostly eating and watching TV? Cause nothing is open! Department stores, everything -- closed.

It's like Christmas Day. You even give presents to your relatives and friends...all the employees at our company got a Chuseok present, too...we were given a choice out of food or a $100 gift certificate to a department store.

I bet you can guess which one I chose? =) P.S. I am a major shop-a-holic.

This is one thing that *everyone* eats on Chuseok -- rice cakes.

Some are filled with either bean paste or sesame seed paste. Delicious, but don't eat too many cause they are really filling!

We generally get 3 days off for the holidays, but unfortunately, Chuseok lands on a Sunday and the day before is a Saturday, so we only get one day off of work this year...

Yes, in Korea, if a holiday lands on the weekend, sucks to be you cause that means no extra day off.

To tell you the truth, I'm not so big on Chuseok as my family is not in the country and to fly out costs an arm and a leg at this time of year...

But, I am going back to Honolulu right around Thanksgiving! That means turkey and Black Friday! Not to mention beaches in November. So I guess I get the best of both worlds?

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