Monday, August 20, 2012

Another week begins...

It's been raining constantly for the last week and will continue to rain for this week...

Kind of a bummer since the last days of summer are cold and gloomy. I guess it's going to be a long winter this year...

I'm not sure if it's because of the weather, but I've been in a sentimental mood and have been playing Mariah Carey and Keyshia Cole on repeat lately. And only the songs about moving on and forgetting a lost love. haha

Mariah has lost a lot of soul and passion in her music but does she have great producers! They make her sound better than what she really gives out these days. (Sorry Mariah...but I am still a fan nonetheless). Keyshia on the other hand is coming up with great new stuff -- preparing to release a new album this year, so I've heard -- and I am excited about that.

Anyway, that's enough chit-chat. Looks like Rabbit has a few more themes coming out this week by HS314 and Red House Apps. We have a lot of cute girly themes out on Google Play, but I expect that these will be geared more to our male audience.

Also for developers, we have finished developing the function to turn off the spinning cubes moving around the dock icons! Yay! The function will be applied to the tool soon so expect an update either this week or next week. I know a lot of developers have been waiting for this as it gives them more freedom in creating their themes.

That's a quick preview for what's coming up in the next few weeks. Have a great one!

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