Monday, August 13, 2012

Rabbit guide for starters

Many people may not know what a "launcher" or "home replacement" is, so I thought I'd put up a simple guide to help android app beginners.

First of all, an android "launcher" or "home replacement" refers to the basic application that generates the look/feel of your phone -- the layout, customization functions, effects, etc. By replacing the default launcher that comes with your phone, you can choose the way you want it to work. According to your launcher, you can choose wallpaper/themes that run with it.

Therefore, you get the launcher, then you get wallpaper/themes.

(Let me put some PR in here!) And Rabbit offers full 3D support and smooth animation, while being light and quick on your phone! Search for "Rabbit Launcher" at Google Play to try it out for free.

Here are some start-up instructions on how to apply your Rabbit Launcher. Following it, there is a guide that shows you how to apply/download your themes. 

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