Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rabbit's top downloaded themes

Here's a little introduction to our most downloaded themes! And the best thing about them is that they are free. (",) Which one do you like best?


An interactive 3D theme with animation.
The gyro sensor is applied so that the theme moves according to how you hold your phone -- like you are looking inside a real 3D spacial area. Feels like you are looking out of a spaceship above the clouds!

Download it for FREE!

Circuit Board

This theme is based on a “high tech” concept and represents a circuit board in an artistic fashion. The glowing lights move from place to place, bringing this theme to life. Great if you want something a little more sophisticated and not so cutesy.

Download Circuit Board for FREE!

White Rabbit

A theme with hidden animation waiting for you to find it.
Click a cloud to make hidden carrots grow and play with the rabbit by clicking it! (You'll get a kick out of the rabbit spinning around I promise.)
An interactive theme that goes beyond a pretty picture and animation. The icons are individually also personalized.

Download White Rabbit for FREE!

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